Empowering Community Management: PropEzy platforms

Eltizam Asset Management Group • Community Management Systems • UAE Based • Scalable MVP Design • Usability Testing •
Eltizam Asset Management Group • Community Management Systems • UAE Based • Scalable MVP Design • Usability Testing •
Eltizam Asset Management Group • Community Management Systems • UAE Based • Scalable MVP Design • Usability Testing •


A mobile app developed for UAE based business specializing in household, building and residential community Management. While focusing on the primary goal of delivering a product that effectively solves specific problems for users, we also centered around increasing the value of Eltizam's technology and their tech portfolio. We provided MVP product designs for both web and mobile platforms, as well as handovers to the development team.

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Project Summary
What we did
Minimum Viable Product - MVP
A solid collection of learnings from pre-existing operations and experiences pointed towards a great need for a digital platform that would streamline and optimize different processes for distinctive user segments – resitends, community managers and third party service providers.The greatest challenge we faced was correctly prioritizing goals, features, and time, while keeping them aligned within an allocated budget. Equally important was the need to transform “just another MVP” into an exceptional, lasting first impression among the users. Providing full scalability enabled alterations and feature additions at any point down the product roadmap, without interrupting the flow of familiar user experience.
Full design of mobile app for residents and community managers, Admin and CRM web platform platform for community managers, Scalable design system, UI art direction, Custom illustrations
Product Designer, Project Manager
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Tech Stack
Low-Fi WIreframes
High-Fi Wireframes
Customer Journey Mapping
Art Direction
Feature Prioritization
Design System
Development Handover
Overall, a well-designed product for PropEzy enhanced efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in community management, resulting in higher satisfaction and improved relationships between community members and the management.
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Streamlined community management tasks and automated processes, resulted in increased efficiency and reduced community managers’ workload. The mobile app facilitates communication among community members and management, fostering stronger relationships and minimizing misunderstandings.
Mobile design
Mobile design
Real-time data analytics and updates enable community members and management to have complete visibility into community activities, ensuring transparency.
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Lastly, PropEzy's user-friendly interface and mobile app deliver a smooth and convenient experience for community members, resulting in greater satisfaction and improved retention rates.
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Increased Efficiency
Residents satisfaction rate
Faster response time
Expenses reduction
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This team had the ability to easily comprehend our complex business requirements and work out a very sensible UX design that is intuitive, simple and scalable.
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Uros Trojanovic
Head of platform - Eltizam Group