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Product Design • Animation • Mobile App • Web App • Music Festival • USA • California • Product Design •
Product Design • Animation • Mobile App • Web App • Music Festival • USA • California • Product Design •
Product Design • Animation • Mobile App • Web App • Music Festival • USA • California • Product Design •
Product Design • Animation • Mobile App • Web App • Music Festival • USA • California • Product Design •
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LYT CO. specializes in producing light effects products designed for music festivals. Their standout creation, LYT, is a physical light that revolutionizes the festival experience. With the LYT mobile app, festival-goers can effortlessly control the color, intensity, and saturation of their LYT, allowing for personalized and mesmerizing light displays in each tent within the festival campsite. Moreover, festival management can take control of the lights across the entire event using a desktop app, facilitated by strategically placed antennas throughout the festival grounds.

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Project Summary
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Product Improvoement
We collaborated on the design of the LYT mobile and desktop apps with the aim of enhancing  the user experience and enabling smooth integration between the physical lights and mobile devices. Our primary objective was to elevate user engagement by implementing a streamlined onboarding process and ensuring an innate experience in creating custom lighting patterns. Additionally, we focused on providing efficient administrative control through the desktop app.
Full design of mobile app for residents and community managers, Admin and CRM web platform platform for community managers, Scalable design system, UI art direction, Custom illustrations
Product Designer, Project Manager
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Our primary goal was to deliver an intuitive and efficient setup process, ensuring a smooth Bluetooth connection between the LYT device and the mobile app. Through the mobile app, users gain control over various light features, the ability to send customized light patterns, visually locate their LYT devices, and receive updates on festival-controlled periods and availability.
Mobile design
Mobile design
The desktop app allows operators to effortlessly group and manage sets of antennas, enabling effective management of LYTs based on their respective locations. Moreover, the desktop app provides an ability to create, assign, and save lightning patterns, offering flexibility and ease in producing captivating lighting effects. Additionally, it enables the preservation of tower and antenna layouts and positions for recurring festivals.
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The collaborative efforts of LYT CO. and our team have transformed the festival lighting experience. By integrating state-of-the-art technology, intuitive interfaces, and personalized control, we have elevated the visual spectacle, delivering mesmerizing light effects that redefine the ambiance of music festivals.
Increased daily active users
Patterns created per week
Onboarding success rate
Reduction in managing lightning time
Working with Kroon exceeded all our expectations. They went far and beyond in their deliveries
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