Product Design for Car Share Drivers Platform

Product design • Frontend Development • Mobile App • Transportation • Data Consumers •  Illinois • USA •
Product design • Frontend Development • Mobile App • Transportation • Data Consumers •  Illinois • USA •
Product design • Frontend Development • Mobile App • Transportation • Data Consumers •  Illinois • USA •
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Driver's Seat is a transformative platform that provides a seamless and efficient solution for tracking and managing data, and ultimately maximizing earnings for rideshare and delivery drivers. With a focus on convenience, transparency, and effective communication, Driver's Seat offers a user-friendly mobile app that provides full transparency of the data and opportunity to optimize efforts and benefits for drivers themselves. Kroon Studio collaborated closely with Driver's Seat during product research phases, and has provided services of design and development of this innovative platform.

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Driver's Seat aimed to address the challenges faced by rideshare and delivery drivers, such as the need to track and optimize performance, increase earnings, and access valuable resources. The goal was to improve an existing app in a way that will be more user friendly and that will materialize all the background data collection in such a manner to provide data insights, improve efficiency, and enhance driver earnings.
Redesign for mobile app, product discovery and consultancy, UI art direction, custom illustrations, frontend app development
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The platform allows drivers to collect and analyze data related to their performance, such as earnings, trip details, and ratings. Drivers can access real-time performance metrics, track their progress, and identify areas for improvement. The platform also provides valuable resources, tips, and insights to help drivers optimize their performance, increase their earnings, and navigate their gig work more efficiently.
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increase in rideshare and delivery
Increase in driver satisfaction ratings
Reduction in idle time and improved
trip completion rates
App store rating
Besides their excellent project management, they’re quick learners.
They quickly grasped what the best solutions would be from a UX perspective. They thought of things I didn’t think of.
It was outstanding.
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Matt Schumwinger
Co-founder - Driver’s Seat