Revamping Digital Connections for A1 Telekom

Design Thinking • Product Discovery • Jobs To Be Done • Design Systems • Usability Testing • Product Design •
Design Thinking • Product Discovery • Jobs To Be Done • Design Systems • Usability Testing • Product Design •
Design Thinking • Product Discovery • Jobs To Be Done • Design Systems • Usability Testing • Product Design •


A1 partnered with Kroon Studio for a comprehensive redesign of their website, web shop, and supportive customer facing apps. The primary goal was to align the digital platforms with A1's new branding while significantly improving the overall user experience. Kroon Studio took on the responsibility of product design and frontend development, ensuring a seamless transition to refreshed digital presence on the market.
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Project Summary
What we did
Product Improvements
The main opportunities lay in providing a smoother and more intuitive experience for the large user base, ensuring that every interaction with the website, the web shop, and supportive apps is smooth and enjoyable. The goal was to enhance the user experience without causing significant disruptions to the existing systems and platforms. With a focus on maintaining stability and reliability, we approached the project with careful consideration for the feasibility of implementing new features and functionalities.
Full redesign of website, web shop and supporting mobile apps due to rebrand launch for A1 Telekom Austria Group, frontend development, atomic design, scalable design system
2 product designers, 2 front end developers, project manager
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Scalable design system
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Careful consideration was given to striking the right balance between innovative design and the practicalities of implementing changes within the existing infrastructure. To empower A1 Telekom to continue building and expanding their website in the future, we implemented the atomic design methodology.
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This approach involved designing and developing a comprehensive library of reusable components. By doing so, A1 Telekom gained the flexibility to create new pages independently, maintaining a consistent and cohesive visual identity across their digital platforms.
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Also, we leveraged the power of design thinking to deeply understand the needs and expectations of A1 Telekom's diverse user base. Through extensive research, analysis and prototyping, together we identified the pain points and opportunities for improvement.
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This user-centric approach guided the design and development process, resulting in a more personalized and tailored experience for A1 Telekom's customers
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We are very pleased with their work, their approach and flexibility, and the way they think. We had an instant click with them, and we knew that they would be very good for us
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Slavko Perisic
Product Manager - A1 Telekom Austria