User Job Cards: Clarity’s Best Friend

User Job Card

You’re almost there, but there’s still too much guessing. 

Without crystal clarity on your User Jobs, you might as well be roaming in the dark. Use them to ensure your team is on the same roadmap.

What’s the Big Deal With User Job Cards?

It’s actually super simple.

Pinpointing what you’re trying to achieve is often a struggle. So, how are you supposed to drive the product in the right direction?

Remember, it’s easier to align a team around a user job than to get them all on board a roadmap without figuring out the “why.”

Funk Ups

Job Levels: Don’t Get Stuck Here 

How granular do you want to be when ranking user jobs? It depends on the product strategy. A little warning, though: Don’t detail yourself into roadblocks. 


Focus on ensuring the users can complete a core job and expand from there.

Always start from fundamentals and grow steadily. Sustainability, not perfection. 

Relying on One Toolkit

Surprise! User Job will not fix all your problems. (Maybe it’s not a surprise)

Still, it’s an effective tool for driving your product decisions:

👉 Define user jobs

👉 Talk to your users

👉 Apply findings to user journeys 

👉 Walk the store 

👉 Make decisions 

📦 Starter pack: User card, user journey, user research. 

Too Much Time Spend in Our 4 Walls 

Go and speak with your users directly. A single chat with them is worth more than 10 hours with the team workshopping all the users' pain and struggles. 


♥️ Talk to your users often and without bias. DO the RESEARCH!

🏃 Make it a team sport and stay on the same page with User Jobs and User Journey. 

⭕️ Iterate, iterate, iterate. As users evolve, so should your product. 

Your research doesn’t need to be perfect. You just need to obtain the right mindset and grow as a team.

Creating Initial Jobs & Journeys That Die in the Dark Corners of Figma

Engage the team and advocate for user jobs. 

💂 As a team, you’re guardians of the user journey, not feature creators. 

🔬 Frequently walk the store with your team and map down bugs, opportunities, and frustrations. 

📔 Continuously update journeys - just for confirmation. User research is not a one-time activity. 

🎉 Check team performance - celebrate wins and cry over some of the journeys. 

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